The Lookbook Of Malta

 4 months in the heart of the Mediterranean sea, of course I had to choose to come during winter (and not just any winter, one the worst winter Malta ever experienced) and leave before summer time! But I still managed to get a few summer days and, most importantly, great shots of the island.

Buildings from the 16th century, baroque style, modern shops inside ancient buildings, Valletta is definitely one of my favorite place in Malta. 
Just go, get lost in Valletta's streets & explore 

Inside St John's Co-Cathedral in Valletta
The magnificent interior of the church is a celebration of Baroque art:

Sweet Escapes within the island
1. Mdina, ex capital city of Malta, takes you back to medieval times with its narrow streets and horse-drown carriages, it is the perfect place for a "back in the days" sunday's stroll 
2. The famous Blue Grotto, located on the southern coast, the cave and the chain of caves around are indeed worth the sight, very popular diving site
3. Golden Bay, I meeean, the name says it all! Perfect place for a beach day: golden sand, crystal clear water and lazy me.. But! It is also one of Malta's most popular sandy beaches so during high season it might get a tiny bit crowded ;)
4. Cafe Del Mar, l'incontournable during summer time! Who doesn't want to experience that kind of sunset ? Cafe Del Mar is known for its huge events: festivals, DJ's and so on… The location is just breathtaking. Malta should (and could) have more of these.

One day visiting Malta's sister island

And I will end my journey with a beautiful sunset witnessed in Buggibba...

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