Sweet Seychelles

Infinity sand
Infinity bliss

On the road to l'Île Moyenne 
A beautiful island near Sainte Anne (15 minutes away by boat)
The main beauty of the island, apart from the breathtaking landscapes, were the giant tortoises. 
Very friendly !

2 new friends

Sometimes you just have to take a deep breath and enjoy the moment.

Panoramic view from Sainte Anne

Very important not to forget to lay by the pool and do NOTHING !

Amazing pool at the Beachcomber Sainte Anne resort

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Typical scenery

Seychelles postcard.

I stayed in Seychelles for about a week.

I had the chance to be invited there so I did not choose the hotel but I was very pleased with the one that was chosen for me. Indeed, I stayed at the Beachcomber Sainte Anne resort, a beautiful hotel that has its very own island. The main mean of transportation in the island were golf carts, since the roads were quite narrowed and there was no long distance either. So we had to call a golf cart every time we wanted to move around or to go to the restaurant basically, which can become quite annoying but I mean walking is always another option… I guess we were just being lazy ;) !

You can see from my pictures that it was sunny all the time well, it really was, it was BURNING HOT!!! Trust me, you do not want to forget you suncream if planning to go there. But I am not going to complain about it since there's nothing I love more than sun. But really, do protect yourself.

It was a great week but I wish I would have had more time there. I haven't even done any snorkeling nor scuba diving, what a shame! So Seychelles is definitely a place that I would like to revisit and experience more activities. 

Good point: the weather, the landscapes, the hotel, the people
Bad point: buffet, I think it could have been more diversified & restaurant, very hard to get reservation!

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