Once upon a time, in Amsterdam...

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Nothing prettier than canals in Amsterdam 

Yes, these are the roads in Amsterdam ;)

Panoramic view from Westerkerk Church

Jordaan Quarter - Let's enjoy the view for a moment

These picture summarizes Amsterdam
Canals, House boats, Bicycles

I could get use to that

Loving the architecture of the houses in Amsterdam
This is the kind of entrance I'd like to have for my house

Old town and its secret places

Just because I love italian food
This is my kind of paradise

Just hanging in my houseboat

Amsterdam is even more beautiful with a sunset touch

Amsterdam: Check

I only spent two days in Amsterdam
But of course I tried to do as many things as possible!

I knew that the main mean of transportation in Amsterdam was the bicycle but I really got the confirmation when arriving there. I did not rent one because I wanted to walk around, enjoy everything but it is a hard time to be a pedestrian there! 

Places visited:

Westerkerk Church: let me tell you this first, if you don't like climbing stairs this is the place you should avoid! The stairs are old stairs so they are very tight, and trust me you don't want to miss one. 
BUT it is also a place I recommend because it is the tallest monument of the old town so, if you want to enjoy a beautiful panoramic view of the old Amsterdam you must go, good things never come easy right? ;) And I must say the tour guides are very friendly so I really don't regret climbing all those stairs. 

Anne Frank Huis: if like me, you are passionated with the World War II and have read her journal well you must go and visit Anne Frank House. The only tip I can give is to either go very early, so 30 minutes before the opening (8.30am) like I did or buy the tickets online because the queue is horrifying!!! 

Jordaan District: I was staying nearby the Jordaan District and most of my pictures were taken there so I don't need to specify that it is a beautiful place.

Canals: this is a must do when you're in Amsterdam, I recommend doing it in the late afternoon to catch the sunset, it's even more magical this way.

Of course there are many other things I would have wanted to do but that's all I could do in this short amount of time. 

Good points: people are very friendly and helpful in Amsterdam, the old town is incredible and I loved the architecture!
Bad points: the old town lack of indication signs, fortunately I had a detailed map and the old town isn't that big so it was not that hard to understand where we had to go.

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