Pointe-Noire & Dolisie, République du Congo

Au coeur de mon pays
In the heart of my country


Pointe-Noire is a small city situated on the seaside of the Republic of Congo, 
it is peaceful and animated at the same time.
I have lived there all my life (well, until I was 19) and I can assure you that every single person that I know who came to live in Pointe-Noire, even for a few years, fell in love with the city. 

I admit that the city is small and not developed, thus there is not a wide range of activities but I mean that is what makes it beautiful at the same time. The major part of the city is still at its natural state.

Anyways, everyone has the right to have its own opinion but to me, 
Pointe-Noire will always be my beautiful home.

Hopefully you'll be able to understand why people easily fall in love with this city, through my pictures. Enjoy!!!

First sunset, speechless

Let's try and get closer to that stunning sunset

Local market in the city centre of Pointe-Noire organized every Saturday, very colourful!


Short made of loincloth, perfect outfit for a little sunday walk on the beach :)
Matching the bamboo!
And another sunset made in Pointe-Noire...

Beach Volley

La Côte Sauvage, on the seaside

POINTE-NOIRE Magazine & a Bissap (local juice), what else?


Lac Nanga 

Pointe Indienne

Gorges de Diosso



Chez Gaspard:
If you want to experience local food in a local restaurant "Chez Gaspard" is the place to go. 
The food is amazingly good so do not miss the opportunity to go there.

Malonda Lodge: 
Little bungalows, near the sea, it is the perfect place to go on a weekend and relax. 
And the food is good too ;) My favorite dish there: Filet de boeuf au poivre vert.

Villa Madiba:
Villa Madiba is located near the sea on the Côte Sauvage it is a beautiful hotel for visitors, and an ideal place to have breakfast or to have a drink when the sun is setting. 
It is also the only place in Pointe-Noire where you can eat sushi!
But it is quite expensive!

Going further


Dolisie, known as the "red" city, is 3 hours away (by car) from Pointe-Noire.
It is also a must do when in Congo.

You're about to see why...

On the road to Dolisie

But first, let's stop and enjoy the view of the amazing Mayombe forest

I meannn… right?!

Relax Chillax

Into the wild !

Perfect panorama

It just reminded me so much of a scene in the Lion King.. maybe that's just me

Magnificent waterfall

Spectacle de la nature

Les portes du Mayombe

Chez Gaps! The restaurant that you must try if you ever go to Dolisie, one word: MISSALA!

Muelo Mayombe


On the way back…red roads

Bon baisers de Pointe-Noire...

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  1. Vivement que je visite Dolisie, j'y suis jamais allée. c'est interessant.


    1. C'est magnifique ! Beaucoup de beaux endroits cachés à découvrir

  2. C'est vraiment beau....merci de nous rappeler à quel point notre pays est magnifique.

  3. j'aime beaucoup le coup d'oeil discret .... les photos sont justes pour nous donner envie de découvrir ..merci pour ce partage