Visiting Asia is something I had always wanted to do, and I finally got the chance to do it this summer, thanks to my amazing parents. 
We went on a trip to Singapore for 4 days and then we spent 10 beautiful days in Bali, Indonesia. 

Very first images of beautiful Asia, I love seeing those kind of landscapes from above, it really is a gift.

DAY 1. First stop: Botanic Garden of Singapore 

DAY 2. Second stop: incredible Marina Bay Sands, a must do when in Singapore, the view is incredible!
 Too bad you're not allowed to access the infinity pool when you're not a client of the hotel but that's understandable, plus it was still worth it to get up there.

The view from 200 meters high

 Like I always say, it is important to take time and enjoy the view, 
you don't go on top of Marina Bay Sands everyday! 


DAY 3. Kisses from the mount Faber xxx

Welcome to Sentosa Island, as known as the state of fun. The perfect place for families or group of friends who wants to enjoy one or several days in the huge attraction centre that is Sentosa. 

Palawan beach

Trying out a postcard pose along with the lovely sunset #palawanbeach

Follow me to the southern most point of continental Asia…

DAY 4. Visiting Chinatown

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